Write a good title for an essay

Personally, I don’t bother with all this verbosity nonsense unless I’m tasked with actually creating something that is genuinely required to perform as a “tool”. Honestly, I think too many people are getting carried away with the Church of Don Jones thinking. At the end of the day, I have a wife and a kid, so spending needless hours creating every single one of my Powershell scripts to be completely reusable with perfect outputs and associated logging would be a waste of the time I should be spending with them.
Powershell can be dirty or clean, there are pros and cons to both of these approaches – the obvious main difference is speed. Just consider that 95% of scripts will never be reused, not because they weren’t structured correctly in the first place, but because they’re often highly specific to the task for which they were written.
One might argue that if the scripts were more modular, that the time would be saved in the end, but that’s simply specious in my experience. Further, I find that most of these “modules”, just become obfuscated forms of standard commands, which only makes anyone who has to try to read the script say “ugh, seriously”.

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Write a good title for an essay

write a good title for an essay


write a good title for an essaywrite a good title for an essaywrite a good title for an essaywrite a good title for an essay