Watermelon smile paperweight

When asked why she would make the best spokesperson for our industry, Blakely replied, “I have one word and that is “Passion”, passion for the industry and the people in it”.  For many years, Blakely has been involved in the industry in numerous ways.  She comes from a family deeply enriched in farming and agriculture and she has also worked with the Clemson Extension Program in Blackville, SC, under Dr. Gilbert Miller.  This experience has helped Blakely tremendously in learning and comprehending the importance of the SC Watermelon Association.

  The Works of Yves Keroas Yves Keroas is from France and he started playing guitar at the age of 14.  He's been playing professionally now for 27 years and has composed and arranged music for many different styles including Jazz, Classical, and Blues.  He studied for a couple years under M. R. Hache and was heavily influenced by the Jazz guitar music of Pat Martino, John Duarte, Wes Montgomery.   The music presented here is a sampling of his compositions and arrangements.  I think you'll agree that Yves is an exceptional talent and I am extremely pleased that he has agreed to share his work with the world.   If you enjoy what you find here, please do send him an email and express your appreciation.  I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.  Also, visit the Music Conservatory web site which he created.

Watermelon smile paperweight

watermelon smile paperweight


watermelon smile paperweightwatermelon smile paperweightwatermelon smile paperweightwatermelon smile paperweight