Time management essays

Since returning to college, it has made me realize that the ability to manage my time effectively has had a direct impact on my learning experience and my family life. Most of my time was spent on sleeping, social networking and working, which doesn't surprise me. Therefore, it has made me aware of where I need to make changes. In order for me to eliminate my time management problem, I will have to set schedules, which will be based from my goals. This will make me more organized and I will be able to monitor my time effectively. Otherwise, if I don't make the necessary changes, it will only negatively impact my studies and make it difficult to manage my time.
Returning to college has been an added responsibility and has made it more difficult to make time for family, work and personal time. Being a full-time employee, mother, spouse, and now college student has only left me with limited time for myself and family. If I improve my time management effectively and make it a part of my life, I will be able to find a way to juggle family, career, personal time, and education.
Undoubtedly, I have realized that time management has been a huge hurdle in my life. But I know it will improve gradually. I have always been a procrastinator, which only led me to have poor time management skills. Usually, too much time spent on one area means less time was spent on another area, which only makes it more stressful. Subsequently, I find myself rushing at the last minute. So, I need to learn how to balance everything out, because I found myself forgetting what I had to do. I have to admit I need limit myself with social networks and watching TV. I am wasting too much time on this.
As I find more ways to get more things done, with the time I have available, I know it will lead me to an increase overall self-confidence and a more positive outlook in life. I don't want to feel anxious and nervous all the time, because I know this will have an effect o...

Thus it is important for me to draw a line at the end to the point that the most effective way of utilizing time is its effective use. I'm recalled by what I once read on “If Time Is Money, No Wonder I'm Not Rich” by Mary L. Sprouse that offers an introduction to the financial planning, a guide to investments, and suggestions for applying Time Management Principles to Managing your Money. And this can only be done by getting serious towards the ground realities of life, accepting the challenges and working hard on targets and goals provided. This will help attain success in life very easily, we use basic thinking skills in every days live with less difficulty (Cottrell 2005)

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Time management essays

time management essays


time management essaystime management essaystime management essaystime management essays