Good thesis for gay marriage

Gorsuch’s affinity with the views of his adviser Finnis on natural law, his approving citation of Scalia’s views on gay marriage, and his skepticism of the Court’s jurisprudence on the right to chose in matters of personal intimacy all suggest that he might vote to reverse the decision protecting same-sex marriage. Defenders of gay rights have reason to worry that he would roll back the clock on this important issue, and senators should use the upcoming confirmation hearings to find out from Gorsuch exactly where he stands.

  • PFLAG has created a national campaign called, “From Our House to the Schoolhouse,” distributing to school officials – among other materials – a booklet entitled, “Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer For Principals, Educators, & School Personnel. [Editor’s note: Readers need the Adobe PDF reader to open and read this file.] Though most school-related programs are sold to administrators and parents as programs designed simply to end persecution of homosexuals and lesbians, none disclose what Baldwin says is compelling evidence that homosexuality is harmful to children.

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    Good thesis for gay marriage

    good thesis for gay marriage


    good thesis for gay marriagegood thesis for gay marriagegood thesis for gay marriagegood thesis for gay marriage