Examples of introduction essays

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  A problem One problem is that awk needs perfect tabular information, no holes, awk does not work with fixed width columns. This is not problematic if we create by ourself the awk input: choose something uncommon to separate the fields, later we fix it with FS and we are done!!! If we already have the input this could be a little more problematic. For example a table like this: 1234 HD 13324 22:40:54 .... 1235 HD122235 22:43:12 .... This is difficult to handle this with awk. Unfortunately this is quite common. If we have only one column with this characteristics, we can solve the problem (if anybody knows how to manage more than one column in a generic case, please let me know!).
I had to face one of these tables, similar to the one described above. The second column was a name and it included a variable number of spaces. As it usually happens, I had to sort it using the last column.   ... and a solution I realized that the column I wanted to sort was the last one and awk knows how many fields there are in the current registry. Therefore, it was enough to access the last one (sometimes $4 , and sometimes $5 , but always NF ). At the end of the day, the desired result was obtained: awk '{ printf $NF;$NF = "" ;printf " "$0"\n" }' | sort
This just shifts the last colum to the first position and you can sort it. Obviously, this method is easily applied to the third field starting from the end, or to the field which goes after a control field which has always the same value.
Just use your ideas and imagination.

Examples of introduction essays

examples of introduction essays


examples of introduction essaysexamples of introduction essaysexamples of introduction essaysexamples of introduction essays