Essay themen deutsch abitur

Thalberg must have been quite a pianist—and it must have been quite something to watch him play this work with the absolute stillness and economy of movement for which he was noted, the very opposite of his rival Liszt. He was one of the first major pianists to tour North America and Brazil, which he did in 1855 and from 1856 to 1858. By the end of his second visit (with the violinist Vieuxtemps) he had amassed a vast fortune—more than Anton Rubinstein or even Paderewski made—and decided to retire. Asked why he no longer composed, Thalberg replied: ‘Alas, my imitators have made me impossible.’

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Essay themen deutsch abitur

essay themen deutsch abitur


essay themen deutsch abituressay themen deutsch abituressay themen deutsch abituressay themen deutsch abitur