Essay lessons learnt

Hi Simon I wrote an essay about this question and I borrowed some phrases from yours such as " if half of them needed to go to males" or "fewer qualifications". I submitted my essay to a writing corection servie, however they crossed them out wrote their recommendations instead such as "are reserved for" instead of"needed to go to"; "less qualifications" instead of "few qualifications" and im really confused and frusted. because of these corrections, my score has been signifcantly impacted.

The reason for this problem is because people memorise particular phrases to use to increase their score. You are marked on your ability to adapt sentences and phrases to the particular task and issue, not memorise generalised phrases to get a higher score. One phrase suits all issues isn’t going to work in a language test. Another problem is that students think if they learn a particular phrase this will give them a chance for a higher score. The aim of this lesson and advice is not to rely on learned phrases to boost your score.

Taking into consideration the research and my own interpretation, it is encouraging to see that both PE and sports has a positive affect on majority of children. However, my findings highlight the need for school's to reconsider their method of teaching PE. Other less traditional styles should be implemented to enhance the enjoyment of the lesson, which may encourage children to continue their interest in extra-curriculum sporting activities and perhaps join sporting clubs upon leaving school. This will then increase the number of potential elite athletes.

Essay lessons learnt

essay lessons learnt


essay lessons learntessay lessons learntessay lessons learntessay lessons learnt