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The Military Medical Departments through their Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) are responsible for providing related services (., physical and occupational therapy, clinical psychology) in DoDEA schools located overseas. EDIS is also responsible for the provision of Early Intervention Services (EIS) for children, ages birth through 2, at all DoDEA locations. The related services available at each overseas location are identified in the DoD Directory, Early Intervention, Special Education, and Related Services in OCONUS Communities .

Students step into leadership roles and practice group management, organization and decision making. As students gain skill and responsibility, they discover their personal strengths – both as individuals and as members of an expedition team. Additionally, students are actively involved in developing lesson plans and teaching their peers a variety of topics, from desert navigation and setting rock anchors to running therapeutic group discussions and team building initiatives. Expedition Therapy gives students the tools to succeed in all aspects of life.

Education curriculum essays scotland

education curriculum essays scotland


education curriculum essays scotlandeducation curriculum essays scotlandeducation curriculum essays scotlandeducation curriculum essays scotland