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Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August,1945 . Part 1 and Part 2   is a compilation of silent black-and-white film footage of the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shot by Japanese cameramen of the Nippon Eiga She documentary unit before the . occupation forces arrived in Japan.  This halted by the occupation, then ordered resumed under its supervisions. Later all footage was impounded, classified SECRET, and moved to the United States.

In 1968, Columbia University, learning about this material, applied to the . Department of Defense for access to it. Apparently a declassification had recently taken place, and Columbia was permitted to duplicate the surviving 2 hours and 45 minutes of footage. The result was Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945, the most widely shown film of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki holocaust, documenting the meaning of nuclear war. Hirishoma-Nagasaki, August 1945 (16 minutes, black and white) was produced by Erik Barnouw for the Columbia University Press and is available for purchase at The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar http:///?sb=5&mb=4 . The complete 30-minute film is titled  "The Case of the A-Bomb Footage," and includes an introduction by Erik Barnouw, which traces the history of long-suppressed footage.

My 12 year old son was diagnosed as a type one diabetic 7 months ago. He was headed down the path of getting heavy like everyone on my side of the family until the symptoms of unexplained weight loss and lethargy kicked in.
After things settled and we got used to our "new normal," I'm noticing his "set point" is leaner than before. He is excelling at sports too. Unlike the rest of that side of the family that became obese around his age.
At first I figured it was because he was forced into portion control with his carbs. And the thought of adding insulin via his pump was too much of a bother to eat more. But that did'nt hold up as I know my side of the family will ravenously pound simple carbs all day long.
This article has made me pause and figure that the reason he is getting leaner (even though he has to eat breakfast, unlike non-diabetics) is because at breakfast time his body cannot produce the extra insulin given at the "CAR" and his hunger levels will then remain more stable since his body will only utilize the insulin he programs his pump to administer.
After a 2 month absence, Martin hits a grand slam article!

Chem essay topic

chem essay topic


chem essay topicchem essay topicchem essay topicchem essay topic