Cheating on term papers

Dela Garza. This interview revealed that students believe that most exercises are pointless and cheating is a way to get through the classes with a decent grade. Students are confident and not at all remorseful for this illicit act. On the other hand, the online learning environment creates an entirely different probability for academic misconduct. In the online learning environment technology has provided an opportunity for academic misconduct in ways such as using information or data that has been taken from someone else’s work and not giving them credit, better known as plagiarism. With this being said, the use of electronic devices for cheating such as PDAs or cell phones, is a common way of getting test data or answers to present falsely or with the intention to gain credit for the work.

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Cheating on term papers

cheating on term papers


cheating on term paperscheating on term paperscheating on term paperscheating on term papers