Bachelor thesis with latex

In the Philippines, an academic thesis is named by the degree, such as bachelor/undergraduate thesis or masteral thesis. However, in Philippine English , the term doctorate is typically replaced with doctoral (as in the case of "doctoral dissertation"), though in official documentation the former is still used. The terms thesis and dissertation are commonly used interchangeably in everyday language yet it generally understood that a thesis refers to bachelor/undergraduate and master academic work while a dissertation is named for doctorate work.

The flexibility of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program allows students to design their own degree programs, building on their individual strengths and interests. Depending on their choices, graduates can prepare for careers in aviation, aerospace, international business, communication, or other related professions.  In addition, it provides a strong foundation for advanced degrees, graduate studies, or even law school. The Interdisciplinary Studies program seeks students with an entrepreneurial spirit who will cross boundaries, make creative connections, be flexible in a changing career environment, and become leaders in their chosen fields.

Bachelor thesis with latex

bachelor thesis with latex


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