Amcas foreign coursework

Factors assessed during the interview include both personal attributes and physician traits. Personal attributes include interview presence, communication skills, assessment of patient contact experiences, motivation to attend the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, and a holistic assessment of any attributes the applicant possesses that would add to the diversity of the physician workforce. Physician traits assessed at the interview include responsibility, honesty, respect for others, self-awareness, altruism and intellectual curiosity.

What does it mean when my application has been placed on the “Wait List” after my interview?
The Committee on Admissions will invite approximately 600 outstanding and highly qualified applicants to interview in any given year. The Class size will be 155-160 in number. Obviously, not everyone who interviews can be immediately accepted. The highly competitive nature of our applicant pool makes it necessary to wait-list a large number of interviewed candidates until all interviews have been completed, generally in late March. In early April, the Committee on Admissions again reviews the files of all wait-list candidates, ranks their official list, and applicants are notified by email of their position on the list.

MCAT Scores that are over three years old from entering class will not be considered. Results of the test must be received by MSM before an applicant can be completely be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. Applicants are strongly urged to take the test in the Spring of the calendar year proceeding the year of entrance into medical school, so that the score can be considered earlier and the test can be taken again in the Fall if improvements in performance are desired. 

Amcas foreign coursework

amcas foreign coursework


amcas foreign courseworkamcas foreign coursework