Affirmative action research papers

Being in an age group that is just recently finding it's political voice and developing a foothold (18-25), and a minority, I feel that that presence of affirmative action is indeed hurting those it seeks to help. Not only does it reinforce racial distinction among applicants, it causes hostility where, were race not to be acknowledged, such considerations would be greatly lessened. Of course realistically speaking, race is a factor that cannot be overcome overnight. However, further fanning the flames by giving preferential treatment to those of us who just want to work hard and prove that we are more than the color of our skin is doing nothing to help those outside of this particular demographic see that we are just as capable and intelligent as any other race.

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On July 26, Truman mandated the end of hiring and employment discrimination in the federal government, reaffirming FDR's order of 1941. [25] :40 He issued two executive orders on July 26, 1948: Executive Order 9980 and Executive Order 9981 . Executive Order 9980, named Regulations Governing for Employment Practices within the Federal Establishment, instituted fair employment practices in the civilian agencies of the federal government. The order created the position of Fair Employment Officer. The order "established in the Civil Service Commission a Fair Employment Board of not less than seven persons." [28] Executive Order 9981, named Establishing the President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services, called for the integration of the Armed Forces and the creation of the National Military Establishment to carry out the executive order. [30]

Affirmative action research papers

affirmative action research papers


affirmative action research papersaffirmative action research papersaffirmative action research papersaffirmative action research papers